Friday, February 8, 2008

Pissed off

One pissed off dude.
Eeeeeuuuuw, if true.

Tainted-biscuit charge grows stale in Boerne
Zeke MacCormack: Express-News

For five months, a biscuit has chilled in the evidence freezer at the Boerne Police Department.
It came from a tourist who suspects it was coated with urine, then sold to him at a Boerne fast food restaurant Aug. 31.

But police aren't rushing out to test it without more details.

Pennsylvania resident Joel Cody, 48, contends eatery staffers — possibly upset that he showed up after closing time — carried out a gross prank involving honey sauce and five biscuits, four of which were eaten.

First his teenage daughter was hospitalized for food poisoning, followed by him and his wife, running up thousands of dollars in medical bills, he claims.

He went to the manager of the chain restaurant, whose insurers refused to cover the bills. The restaurant is not being named because officials have yet to find any evidence of problems there.
Police say the case has stalled because Cody has not provided them access to medical records needed to ascertain if the sickness was caused by the biscuit.

Cody claims he thought he had provided the documents.

Police said they have repeatedly told him that is not so, and they don't want to underwrite the costly lab analysis of the biscuit until they have reason to believe it caused the illness.

Kendall County Health Officer Brenda Bell said she detected no evidence of contamination when she inspected the eatery Sept. 5.

She said Food and Drug Administration officials in Austin also wouldn't test the biscuit, referring her to the Department of Public Safety lab.

Meanwhile, Cody, seeking publicity about the issue and frustrated with the inaction of Boerne police, identified himself as a police officer to the San Antonio Express-News — a falsehood — and saying the issue raises serious concerns about the readiness of Kendall County officials to handle public health emergencies.

"I had to use it as a tactic because nobody was paying attention to me," said Cody, a central figure in the Million March For God, a Washington, D.C., rally slated for Oct. 11-12.