Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ante up

This will be big news in these parts. It took a decision by the Attorney general's office to get the DA, Susan Reed, to release these records.
Some believe its because there are many folks on the list who are in "high" places in San Antonio and they were being protected by the DA.
Others believe some of them might even embarrass her office, as apparently at least one assistant DA had been fired and his county owned computer confiscated.

Well, we will see. Now.

List of illegal gambling suspects to be released
Lomi Kriel: Express-News

The office of Bexar County District Attorney Susan Reed today will release the list of people who had allegedly gambled illegally through an operation run by World Series of Poker winner Richard Lee.

The office initially declined to release the list, requesting an opinion from state Attorney General Greg Abbott. At 4 p.m. Monday, Abbott ruled the list was public and should be released, Assistant District Attorney Cliff Herberg said.

"The list is available," Herberg said. "But it's going to take some time for us to get it into shape. We have to redact certain information," such as contact numbers, for privacy reasons.

In seeking Abbott's opinion, Reed's office said the identity of the gamblers "may be considered highly intimate or embarrassing" if given to the media. The letter also said "it is hard to argue that the public has a legitimate concern to know the identity of individuals who place bets over the Internet."

Lee and four associates were charged in October with gambling promotion. Court and police records quoted a "credible source" who said Lee was known as "The Chinaman" and the "biggest bookie" in San Antonio and was linked to a Web site allowing people to place bets. In a deal struck with prosecutors, the group pleaded guilty in exchange for four of the men agreeing to forfeit 80 percent of the money police seized during the probe.