Thursday, February 7, 2008

What happened in Vegas didn't stay in Vegas

This just goes to prove that mug shots makes no one look good.

Former Beauty pagent queen assaults Las Vegas cop

by CeleBitchy

Remember Katie Rees? I didn’t think so. To refresh your memory, the former Miss Nevada was one of several beauty pageant girls last year who got caught doing some rather un-ladylike things on camera, including underage drinking, cocaine use and lewd public acts with other female contestants. Rees was dethroned by Donald Trump, and then complained that Trump ‘played favorites’ when he gave Miss Teen USA, Tara Conner, a second chance and a rehab stint when Conner engaged in similar behavior.

Now, Rees is sitting in a jail cell in Las Vegas after allegedly assaulting a police officer.
Metro police have arrested former Miss Nevada USA Katie Rees in connection with assaulting an officer.

Rees was stopped shortly before 3 a.m. Wednesday for a traffic violation. During the stop, police discovered she was driving on a suspended license. When they attempted to arrest her, officers said Rees began to elbow and kick at the police.

She is being held in the Clark County Detention Center in connection with speeding, driving on a suspended license, driving an uninsured vehicle and resisting a police officer. Officials have not said if she will face assault charges in connection with attacking the police officers.
[FromFox 5 Las Vegas]

Remember when Vanessa Williams was dethroned for some old nude photos that turned up in Penthouse magazine? That all seems rather tame now, doesn’t it? I’m not a fan of the pageant circuit as it is, but it does seem like that genre is attracting all the wrong people these days. It used to be that pageants were justified as a way to build self esteem and win money for college. Now it seems to be a forum for attention whores with substance abuse problems and out of control egos. I’m sure this isn’t the last mugshot we will see of a former beauty queen– but it is one of the most entertaining.