Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Endorsement for Guadalupe County DA

Too much briefing and not enough time. I have also been finishing up my Basic Flight School training in my other hobby, on-line virtual combat flight simulation in IL-2. Graduation is on this Friday evening.

We here at Man o' Law also endorse Heather Holub for Guadalupe District Attorney. You go Girl!

Challenger for district attorney gets boost
By Mitzie Stelte

SEGUIN — With the Republican primary looming, the challenger in a heated Guadalupe County race recently picked up a couple of key endorsements. The Seguin Police Officers’ Association and the Texas Municipal Police Association have each announced support for Heather Hollub, who is vying for Vicki Pattillo’s spot as the 25th Judicial District’s top attorney.According to SPOA President Carlos Castillo, the organization’s approximately 20 members, which is about half of the Seguin Police Force, voted nearly unanimously to support Hollub. This marks the first endorsement for the association, which was founded in 2006.

“Whenever you see her, talk to her or ask her about anything, she knows what she’s talking about,” said Castillo. “Her commitment to zealous advocacy in the courtroom has earned her the respect and confidence of the officers that comprise our membership.”Hollub, who heads Hollub & Associates in Seguin and is a former prosecutor for the county attorney, also caught the attention of local TMPA members.

The TMPA represents over 14,000 members statewide and nearly 100 members in Guadalupe, Gonzales and Lavaca Counties. According to Sgt. Jeff Lyde, a TMPA member, local members collectively wrote letters asking for the entire organization to endorse Hollub.Hollub said she was excited and grateful for both endorsements. The 25th Judicial District race is the only contested race in Guadalupe County and has no Democratic candidate. Therefore, the winner of the March 4 primary will be running unopposed in the general election.