Saturday, September 25, 2010

What in the hell?

You've got to be kidding me.

16-year-old sterilized in Jharkhand
The Times of India -

RANCHI: An unsuspecting 16-year-old was made to undergo a sterilization procedure here allegedly by a neighbour and a paramedic staff, who also pocketed some of the award money he received from the government.

Pawan Nayak, 16, a resident of Sukurhuttu village, was allegedly sterilized July 31.

Pawan had gone to Kanke primary health centre of Ranchi for treatment along with his neighbour. There he was allegedly made to put his thumb mark on a paper on which his age was shown as 28 and with a wife and two children. The neighbour who accompanied Pawan and a para medical staff are reportedly involved in the case.

"I was asked to put my thumb on some papers, which I did. Some medicines were administered to me and I was given Rs.1,100. Two people who were instrumental in everything took Rs.500 and Rs.200 from me," Pawan told reporters.

Pawan came to know the truth three days ago when the paper on which he had put his thumb was seen by his neighbours. They informed him about his sterilization. A shocked Pawan brought the matter to the notice of the doctors.

A medical team Friday conducted a check up on Pawan and confirmed he had been sterilized.

The only relief is that the sterilization was done without surgery. "We are taking measures to neutralize the sterilization as it was done through medicines," BK Singh, civil surgeon of Ranchi, told reporters.