Saturday, September 18, 2010

Brought a knife to a gunfight - part 2

I bet his family regrets calling in on him now.

Clearly this was going to end badly.  Mind you I am not blaming anyone other than the deceased who obviously chose wrongly.  He put himself into harm's way by threatening the deputy.

Man with knife shot by deputy
By Guillermo X. Garcia - Express-News

A routine call turned deadly Friday when a Bexar County deputy sheriff shot and killed a man who pulled a knife, cut himself and then threatened emergency personnel, including his sister.

It was a chaotic scene that greeted emergency responders arriving in the 7500 block of Karen Skye Court just inside the county line near Leon Springs at 6:36 p.m. They were summoned by the man's elderly mother, who reported him intoxicated and passed out.

Deputy Dale Bennett said the man was assisted by volunteer firefighters, but after he was revived he became belligerent, pulled out a knife, and began to cut himself.

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