Thursday, September 9, 2010

105 folks into the stir fry or they wok the line

I am sure that the 105 defendants will be concerned they do not receive the death penalty for their conducting illegal operations resulting in the deaths of 159 miners and $12.81 M in losses.

The why is puzzling.  Why did they do this?

105 prosecuted for deadly coal mine accidents

BEIJING - A total of 105 people will be prosecuted in relation to three deadly coal mine accidents in China in the past 12 months, the State Administration of Work Safety (SAWS) announced in Beijing Wednesday. 

Two of the mine accidents happened in Pingdingshan of central China's Henan Province in June this year and September last year, while the other was in Xiangtan County in Hunan in January this year, said Huang Yi, spokesman with the SAWS, citing a statement from the State Council, or the cabinet.

The three accidents were all caused by illegal operations, which led to 159 deaths and 87.5 million yuan (US$ 12.81 million) of direct economic loss, according to Huang.

Another 71 people not directly responsible for the accidents have been given disciplinary punishment by the Communist Party or the government, including Pingdingshan's Mayor, Vice Mayor and the city's Party chief, said Huang.
All the coal mines involved in the accidents were closed down, and all the related production licenses suspended, he said.