Thursday, September 16, 2010

Soiling the badge

This is not a good thing.

Not that they got caught but that they were doing this.

Good job DOJ and all the participating agencies.

Roma police officers charged with pot trafficking
By Lynn Brezoski - Express-News

BROWNSVILLE —Two Roma police officers and their father are under indictment for allegedly conspiring to traffic more than 110 pounds of marijuana during the past four years, federal prosecutors said Wednesday.

Federal officials arrested police officers Jose Omar Garcia, 30; Roel Roberto Garcia, 36, and their father Roel Garcia, 61, without incident Tuesday along with four others, all with the surname Garcia. It was unclear whether the other co-defendants are related.

The one-count federal indictment was the result of a year-long investigation dubbed “Operation X-Men,” a probe involving county, state, and federal agencies including the DEA and Internal Revenue Service. Prosecutors said it was part of the more sweeping “Project Deliverance,” the largest Department of Justice offensive to date targeting Mexican drug cartels operations on the southern border.

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