Saturday, September 11, 2010

Never bring an axe to a gunfight

See what happens when criminals find it hard to get a gun?

Drugs suspect keeps police out of house with an axe
The Moscow News

A man suspected of having drugs in his house had an unwelcome visit from the police in the Volga region town of Ulyanovsk. The defensive suspect brandished an axe and chased officers off, before police then shot the man in the leg.

“The investigative task force charged with arrest met some resistance,” an officer told Interfax. “The man was trying not to let police into his house, brandishing an axe. The investigator did receive a blow but escaped with only a scratch.”

After being wounded by police the man was given first aid and taken to a central district hospital. Officers found 100 marijuana plants and six bags of the drug. During his arrest the man tried to burn them.