Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Great Escape

Every war I guess, has their Great Escape moments.

I imagine they need to talk to the guards who have brand-new cars or trucks.

85 inmates escape from Reynosa jail
By Dudley Althaus - Express-News

MEXICO CITY — Prisoners in Reynosa used ladders to slip over an 18-foot-high wall in a predawn escape Friday that put 85 inmates back on the streets just south of the Rio Grande, state officials said.

Federal police are questioning scores of guards at the Tamaulipas state prison, which sits near the highway leading from Reynosa to Monterrey, Jose Antonio Garza, head of the state public security ministry, said at a news conference. Two guards had gone missing along with the inmates.

Mexican troops and state police were rushed to the prison and sent searching for the escapees so Reynosa's residents can “be certain that these escapees are not going to continue causing problems,” Garza said in Ciudad Victoria, the Tamaulipas capital.

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