Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm all shook up!

Elvis a pedophile drug addict with a squeaky voice?

I think he's confusing Elvis with Jerry Lee Lewis for the pedophile part.

Communists all shook up as Elvis replaces Lenin
by Andy Potts

A cheeky ad campaign has stirred up some revolutionary fervour among Communists in the southwestern Russian city of Voronezh.

City website has taken Lenin down from his pedestal in the city’s central square and replaced him with the king of rock’n’roll in an ad poster intended to show the “courage” of ideas.

But images of a photoshopped Ploshchad Elvisa Presli have done little to woo local Communists who are outraged that their leader has been treated like nothing but a hound dog.

Back-handed compliment
While the Voronezh Communists acknowledge that the images prove Lenin’s enduring place in the public consciousness they won’t love them tender, Lenta reported.

“It’s more like a provocation aimed at the bright image of Lenin,” a report from their regional committee grumbled, adding that the billboard went “beyond political decency”.

But rather than demanding the advertisers do the jailhouse rock, the group will be happy enough to see the offending images removed.

It’s not the first time adverts in the city have had the local leftists checking into heartbreak hotel – last year the group was banned from displaying portraits of Stalin, under the slogan “Victory will be ours” in the run-up to the dictator’s 130th anniversary.

Revolution rocked
Lenin has been troubled by rock stars before: following Michael Jackson’s death in summer 2009 a Moscow promoter thought it would be a real thriller to place the singer’s embalmed corpse in Lenin’s mausoleum.
Alexander Valov wanted the star in his trademark “Moonwalk” pose, while Lenin himself would be discreetly buried elsewhere.

He was warned of “dangerous consequences” by outspoken splinter group the Communists of St Petersburg and Leningrad Region.

And committee member Viktor Perov told Valov to beat it, saying: “How can you compare the leader of the world proletariat with a paedophile drug addict who sang with a squeaky voice?”