Saturday, September 11, 2010

Room for one more at Club Fed

I bet he does.

Let's see Mexican prison?...Federal prison?....Mexican prison?....Federal prison?

Alex, I'll take Federal prison for $200.

'La Barbie' wants to be tried in U.S.
By Dane Schiller - Houston Chronicle

The reputed drug trafficker known as “La Barbie” — a Texas-born, top-level cartel boss recently captured in Mexico — wants the U.S. government to spring him from Mexican custody so he can face justice in the United States instead.

The Houston lawyer of Edgar Valdez Villarreal sent a formal request to the U.S. ambassador to Mexico this week asking the United States press Mexico to have Valdez deported as soon as possible.

Valdez is accused of directing a vicious, grizzly battle for control of a drug trafficking organization, as well as fighting other criminal rivals and government forces.

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