Sunday, September 12, 2010

Drug war bootcamp

Training I hope will never be used.

Cartel fighters get intense training at ranch
By Dane Schiller - Houston Chronicle

LOCKHART — The sun beats down at 90-plus degrees. Scrub brush surrounds crumbling Old West-style buildings and adjacent ranchland that have hosted movies, from shoot-'em-up cowboy stories to director Robert Rodriguez's new flick, “Machete.”

The beat-down patch of land on the edge of this quiet Central Texas town — that calls itself the barbecue capital of Texas — seems an unlikely place to find two dozen federal agents in green uniforms, Kevlar helmets and body armor.

Stranger yet that the owner of the 130-acre Briar Patch South ranch is a widow who handed over a house and other buildings to the agents to shoot, blow up, kick down or anything else they want to do in the name of fighting drug gangs and other villains.

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