Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A happier ending this time

I was 15 years old and living in the Detroit area when Charles Whitman climbed the UT clock tower and shocked the world.

I remember reading and seeing the news and the Life magazine article about the shootings and the heroism of Ray Martinez.

Little realizing that time and life would eventually bring me to Texas and New Braunfels where I have met and spoken with Ray Martinez and his lovely wife.

Funny the paths that life leads us on in our journeys.  Thank God that technology exists to notify students to stay inside and seek shelter.  Sad that it has to be used.

UT shooting stirs memories for former cop
NEW BRAUNFELS — When Ramiro “Ray” Martinez saw the shooting scene at the University of Texas unfold on TV Tuesday, all he could think was, “Thank God for the technology nowadays.”

Back in 1966, on Aug. 1, the UT community lacked the high-tech means to spread the word that a sniper — Charles Whitman — was shooting from the clock tower
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