Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I mean how cool is this?

Kicked out by an entire country??

Maybe they'll remove all of the Hilton Hotels as retaliation for kicking out Paris?........Naah!

The drama continues.

Paris Hilton denied entry to Japan over drugs conviction

Paris Hilton was denied entry to Japan today, two days after she pleaded guilty to a drug charge in Las Vegas. -
A Japanese immigration official said she was denied entry Wednesday after six hours of questioning.

Japan has strict immigration laws that bar entry to those convicted of drug offences, although exceptions are occasionally granted. The country has taken a tough line with famous figures in the past, although it also grants occasional exceptions.

The socialite appeared unmoved by the decision. "I'm going back home, and I look forward to coming back to Japan in the future," a smiling Hilton told reporters at Tokyo's airport.
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