Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Some experience necessary

With all due respect to Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, please withdraw your name from consideration, run for an office and work your way up.

I guess even New Yorkers are realizing that giving away Senatorships to every Tom, Dick or Hillary doesn't help them very much.

Its about time.

SHOCK POLL: Kennedy Trailing Cuomo Huge
Public Policy Polling Shows Princess Of Camelot Losing Grip On New Yorkers, Falls Behind 20 Points Among Dems

Caroline Kennedy appears to be losing momentum in her bid for Hillary Clinton's U.S. Senate seat. A new survey conducted by Public Policy Polling shows 58 percent of voters would prefer to see Gov. David Paterson appoint state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to the seat. That's compared to Kennedy's 27 percent. Among Democratic voters, Cuomo leads by about 20 points. That's about the same lead Kennedy enjoyed just a month earlier.

This revelation seems to fly in the face of various reports that have surfaced since the calendar turned to 2009. Sources close to Gov. Paterson have said repeatedly that Kennedy is close to being named as Clinton's successor.

Paterson has said the search is ongoing, but on New Year's Day he cautioned everyone vying for the position by saying whoever is chosen to replace Clinton will have to earn re-election in 2010 on his or her own merits. The coverage of Kennedy's upstate "listening tour" back in December showed her going to cities like Syracuse, Rochester and Buffalo, but not answering many questions, a decision that touched a nerve with the media and set off a firestorm of criticism.

Still, the buzz around Kennedy has not waned. She's picked up nods of approval from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and The Rev. Al Sharpton. And just last week CBS 2 HD learned exclusively that Kennedy's nemesis, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, had a change of heart about her qualifications for office. Sources said it was people close to Paterson who pushed Silver to do the public about face.

Sources close to Paterson then told The Associated Press she had emerged as the front-runner for the position, even though the governor has stated several times he will not name a successor until Clinton is confirmed as Secretary of State.What a poll like this might do to Kennedy's chances are not known, but if accurate it could put pressure on Paterson to take an even harder look at the numbers before doing anything.

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