Thursday, January 15, 2009

***** off yeah you *****!!

Don't go to court drunk, ever.

Its never a good thing.

BTW how do you pronounce the *'s in f***?

What? I'm just sayin'

You're a real f***wit, drunk judge tells lawyer


District judge Esther Cunningham had drunk brandy before court

A drunk district judge was thrown out of a courtroom after she forcibly kissed a solicitor and swore at a prosecutor.

Esther Cunningham drank brandy before appearing as a solicitor to represent her cousin in a dangerous dog case.

She told an usher to 'f*** off' and called the CPS lawyer 'a f***wit', the Solicitors' Disciplinary Tribunal heard.

Six months later, the 54-year-old was drunk when she taught students on a legal course, the tribunal heard.

Cunningham, of Grantham, Lincolnshire, accepted she had a drink problem and blamed it on personal problems.

She admitted bringing her profession into disrepute two years ago and was suspended for six months with £6,200 costs.