Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year babies

Welcome to the world all of you new 2009 babies!

First Comal baby of '09 arrives early

For the parents of the first baby born in 2009 in Comal County, the birth was a welcome surprise.Serena Ann Sandlin was born to Josh Sandlin, 22, and Sarah Byron, 19, at Christus Santa Rosa about three hours into the new year — seven days before she was expected.“Her aunt kept telling us, ‘You guys are going to have the New Year’s baby,’” Josh Sandlin said. “For the past month they’ve been predicting it.”

The new parents said they were surprised to be sitting at the hospital Thursday afternoon.“We’re both really excited,” Byron said, smiling down at Serena. The 7-pound,12-ounce baby’s birth went well, said Byron and Dr. Nasha Reddy. Byron first started having contractions around 6 p.m. Wednesday. Josh Sandlin said that after about 20 minutes of pushing, Serena was brought into the world.“And what a beautiful baby she is,” Reddy said as she held Serena.

Josh Sandlin and Byron looked on proudly, both still energetic and excited.Byron said Serena slept most of the day, and cried very little.Serena’s birthday brought balloons and a gift basket of baby photo albums and journals, a piggy bank, towels and other various baby necessities put together by the hospital staff. A commemorative stocking also was sewn by members of the Texas Iota chapter of the Beta Sigma Phi sorority.

Both residents of New Braunfels, Byron and Sandlin have been engaged for about six months and plan to marry during Wassailfest 2009.