Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What an idiot!!

Talk about stupid!!

By the way the photo is an example of cleavage in the mineral fluorite; since he has expressed an apparent "weakness for cleavage".

High school basketball coach placed on leave for sex book
Fox News -

A high school girls basketball coach in suburban Chicago has been placed on administrative leave after writing a self-published book that includes graphic sexual content and an acknowledgement from the author that he has a "weakness for cleavage."

Bryan Craig, who is also a counselor at Rich Central High School, resigned Friday as the varsity coach. The district's superintendent, Donna Simpson Leak, said Craig has been placed on leave pending a district review.

In the forward to the book, titled "It's Her Fault," Craig says his intention is to give women a guide to gaining the "upper hand in a relationship" because he is tired of hearing them complain. The book contains graphic details on his observations of the female anatomy, including what he describes as physical differences between ethnicities that lead him to conclude that "Latin women have more children."

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