Saturday, May 21, 2011

Little Vandals

How did these girls get the freedom to run around and do this?

How did they get into the school on the weekend?

Holdrege classrooms vandalized; Girls ages 8, 6 are suspects; paint, sand, glitter leave $20K in damage to classrooms

By JENNIFER CHICK Hub Regional Correspondent

HOLDREGE — It’s a sad and unexpected ending to the school year for kindergarten students at Franklin Elementary School in Holdrege.

Because of vandalism to both kindergarten classrooms at Franklin during the weekend, kindergarten students will not be able to return to their classrooms for the last week of school.

Instead, Franklin kindergartners and their parents were informed by a recorded phone call from Franklin Elementary Principal Amber Porter late Sunday night that they will not have school this week.

“The damage was severe enough that we cannot have class in the classrooms,” Porter wrote in a brief email statement.

The district looked at all options but could not find the space or supplies to have class for the kindergarten students for this last week.

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