Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Defense gambit failed

Obviously the jury did not believe the officer lied.

Two very good defense attorneys and a gutsy move to defend him. 

It didn't work.  I wonder what the sentence will be?

Man guilty of trying to kill SAPD Officer
Officer had fatally shot defendant's brother.
By Craig Kapitan - Express-News

It took jurors about eight hours of deliberations Tuesday to find a local man guilty of trying to kill a San Antonio police officer who moments earlier had fatally shot the defendant's brother.

Joel Julian Castillo, 20, now faces up to life in prison for the attempted capital murder of a police officer. Castillo was arrested in September 2008, after Officer Jeremy Swindells reported getting shot twice. He told other officers he thought he had also shot the assailant, and Castillo was found a short time later bleeding.

Swindells told jurors during the trial that he had just shot burglary suspect John Otten, Castillo's brother, who he said had grabbed his baton and was about to hit him with it — when he started taking fire from a man perched on a nearby fence.