Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Another drunken head-on collision

Hey!  Maybe we should put those spikes that tear up the tires of vehicles that try to exit the wrong way in the off ramps so the drunken idiots like the (alleged) drunken idiot Taylor Rae Rosenbusch can't get on the highway and kill folks.

She also was 19 years old.  Who was/were the idiot or idiots that sold or served this underage person alcoholic beverages?  They need to be in this mix too.

Two families and loved ones devastated by the drunken fool. Let her go rot in prison for a while, because quite frankly, I am sick of this shit.  Assholes who drink to excess and get on the highways and kill innocent folks like these two men deserve no respect or sympathy in my opinion.

Relatives mourn killed co-workers
2 men died in I-35 crash involving teenage drunken-driving suspect.
By Eva Ruth Moravec - Express-News

For a year, Tony Morin, 45, and Keith Hernandez, 22, had carpooled to work at the Walmart Distribution Center in New Braunfels, alternating the weeks each man drove.

Sunday was Hernandez's turn, and he picked Morin up at his East Side house around 4 a.m. They still had an hour to get to work.

Morin would call his fiancée during his breaks and send friends and family funny emails. He never failed to call his mother, Olga Hernandez, on Mother's Day, so relatives began to worry when they didn't hear from him.