Thursday, May 12, 2011

GOOD GOD!! Don't pull their fingers!

A heinous crime no doubt

Or would that be a heiney crime?

'Cutting the cheese' cuts bus rides for Canal Winchester students

Two Canal Winchester Middle School students were booted off the school bus last week for, well, passing gas.James Nichols and Kristine Kuzora are upset that their son's flatulence was designated as an obscene gesture by school officials.

Their 13-year-old son and another boy were on the school bus Thursday when they both experienced an emission. Children being children, the flatulence apparently caused a ruckus on the bus amid a flurry of laughs, jeers and lowering of windows, Nichols said.

Canal Winchester Middle School officials cited the boys for making an obscene gesture in violation of the student code of conduct in revoking their rides to school Friday.

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