Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Go directly to jail


They were playing full contact Monopoly?

It happened in Michigan where unemployment is high and so apparently, as well, are the tempers.

Sore loser could go straight to jail (without passing 'Go')

A 54-year-old Michigan man faces jail for assault and battery after a game of Monopoly turned violent.

Kenneth Repke was charged after allegedly hitting a woman and damaging her glasses when she refused to sell him Park Place and Broadwalk (the US equivalents of Park Lane and Mayfair), reports Detroit News.

The alleged victim called the police and told the operator: "I was at my neighbour's house. We were playing Monopoly and he hit me. He slapped me and knocked my glasses off."

Neighbours have expressed surprise at the incident, saying that Repke and the woman would often get together for board game sessions.

One local resident, Nicholas Renze, said: "I thought that was violent for a game that's supposed to be friendly. I guess he takes his Monopoly pretty seriously."

Repke is scheduled to appear in court next week, and could be imprisoned for three months if found guilty.