Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Stupidity U.

This really chaps my butt.

Why not merge the 5 separate colleges into one district and one administration?

How about economies of scale? How about the efficiency of having only one set of administrators?

One only has to look at the dismal school district records in the San Antonio area where there are multiple districts with multiple administrators each making more than a U.S. Senator or Supreme Court Justice to realize the inefficiency of the system.

This is the problem with government-run institutions. Everyone has a vested interest in protecting their turf rather than doing the proper thing to save tax-payer money.

Brakes put on talk of merger of five colleges
By Melissa Ludwig - Express-News

Following a parade of concerns and criticism from faculty and students, trustees for the Alamo Colleges on Tuesday night agreed to slow exploration of a controversial merger of the district's five independent colleges.

Students from San Antonio College gave trustees an earful about the potential merger, saying they were rebuffed by Chancellor Bruce Leslie when they asked to sit on a committee of 15 faculty and staff exploring the pros and cons of the move.

“We believe Leslie undermines and underestimates the intellectual capabilities of students in the district,” said Julianne Cantu, student body president at San Antonio College.

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