Friday, August 14, 2009

Pigging out

One stone equals 14 pounds.

He gained 28 pounds.

Big deal. I can do that in 1 week. LOL

Thief pigs out to dodge justice

A Chinese thief almost escaped justice after changing his appearance by putting his feet up and pigging out for a month - putting on more than two stone in weight.

The suspect, Qu, was wanted by police for allegedly stealing dozens of electric bicycles in Anyang, central China's Henan province.

He booked himself into a motel and stayed inside, asking friends to deliver meals and snacks, and took no exercise all month, reports Dahe Daily.

Police raided the motel after a tip-off and questioned six men, but went away convinced none of them were Qu.

"We thought we had failed mission, but after another tip-off, we finally located him among the six guests," said police spokesman Wang Lei.

"Qu was so out of shape that we did not recognise him. When we turned him over to the detectives working the case they were fooled by his new appearance too."

"I did nothing for a month but eat, sleep and watch TV," he reportedly told police after he was finally arrested.