Friday, August 21, 2009

Off with her head? Not likely.

Still my prediction is she may receive a small sanction, if at all, and things will go on.

At least now, the execution day rules are written and provide for late filings and electronic filings.

Ethics hearing concludes for top judge
By Craig Kapitan - Express-News

The attorney defending the state's highest-ranking criminal judge lambasted the judicial misconduct charges leveled at Judge Sharon Keller on Thursday, saying they were nothing more than “a well-orchestrated attack by death penalty opponents.”

“This case is a textbook for how a dedicated public servant who has been popularly elected ... is targeted and subject to false and misleading, outrageous accusations,” defense attorney Chip Babcock said at the conclusion of her four-day ethics hearing. “People are after her because they don't like her rulings.”

Keller, whose home has been picketed by anti-death penalty groups, has been nicknamed “Sharon Killer” by opponents over the years as she's developed a tough-on-crime reputation.

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