Saturday, August 22, 2009

10 to 1!

Congratulations McAllister Park!

Good for them!

Its so nice to have a good story to read and write about. The whole city and area is behind you boys. Roll on Big Blue, roll on!

McAllister Park kids roll in opener

By Lorne Chan - Express-News

SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT, PA. — When McAllister Park clinched its berth to the Little League World Series last week, Steven Cardone joked to his father that he “needed the cameras to play well.”

On the biggest stage of their lives on Friday, in front of a crowd of 13,500 at Lamade Stadium and an ESPN audience, McAllister Park did it again.

Unaffected by the lights and cameras, McAllister Park rolled to a 10-1 victory against Peabody, Mass., in its LLWS opener.

They're 12-and-13-year old prime-time players.

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