Saturday, August 22, 2009

Steal now, fly later

Its definitely getting ugly now.

Before this is all over there may be those taking vacations of a permanent type.

Man lists who got stolen Southwest tickets

Ex-Bexar County court bailiff James Jackson testified Friday that County Court-at-Law No. 7 Judge Monica Guerrero obtained six stolen Southwest Airlines tickets from him, four more than she had previously disclosed.

In a list Jackson provided Friday during the federal trial of five people charged with wire fraud for buying numerous stolen tickets, Jackson also identified Associate Juvenile Court Judge Pat Garza as having obtained one ticket from him.

By Jackson's testimony, the two judges have now been linked to seven of the 5,600 tickets that Jackson's wife, former airline employee Althea Jackson, stole from the airline. The Jacksons said they sold most of them for $120 each between 2002 and 2005. A prosecutor said Friday that 700 of them have not been found and “were probably destroyed.”

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