Monday, June 2, 2008

Rotting in prison

That's why its called a penal institution.

What? I'm just sayin'.

BTW I can't make this shit up.

I escaped because my penis was rotting in prison

A prisoner in Ghana, who on May 27 jumped in an escape bid from the second floor of the circuit court where he was to stand trial for robbery May 30 told the court that poor conditions at the prisons were too much for him to bear.

The man, identified as Kojo Atta, had been put before the court on a charge of escaping from lawful custody and when his pleas were taken he pleaded guilty and then explained how the conditions in the prisons were so bad that his penis was rotting and since he was innocent he could not bear the thought of having to go back there.

Richard Asiedu-Badu, the presiding judge, shared his concerns but said that his alleged innocence did not give him the ticket to escape from the law and promised to convey his message to the Interior Minister for the prisons to be reformed.

He sentenced Atta to three months in jail.

Atta, a mechanic, robbed two women of their cell phones after he had threatened them with a knife.