Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Keep your hands to yourself

Gee and I thought she sounded like a fun date.

Girl who grabbed officer's groin jailed without bail
By Elizabeth Dinan

PORTSMOUTH — An aspiring model convicted of grabbing a trooper’s genitals while being booked for driving while intoxicated is in jail without bail for violating probation a second time this year.

Taryn McCarthy, 22, of 529 Union St., is scheduled to be video-arraigned Monday on a charge of probation violation alleging she failed a Breathalyzer test in spite of a court order to abstain from alcohol. In a report to the District Court, probation officer Heather Ross said McCarthy has been monitored by an electronic bracelet since her release from jail for a January probation violation conviction and during a recent unannounced visit, blew a .26 on a Breathalyzer test.

In January, McCarthy was sentenced to a month in jail for probation violation after the court found she tested positive for marijuana during a random urine test and was found by Ross at the Brazo bar.

McCarthy pleaded guilty in June 2007 to aggravated driving while intoxicated and two counts of simple assault. The pleas were her admission to driving on Route 1 at 3:20 a.m. New Year’s Day 2007, before being stopped by troopers who administered Breathalyzer tests measuring her blood alcohol concentration at .16.

During the administration of two breath tests, McCarthy told Trooper Nicholas Cyr she would punch him in the face, then threw a punch striking another trooper. McCarthy also admitted to grabbing Cyr in the genital area while reading a police form and after being told not to touch him.

For one assault charge, she was sentenced to six months in the Rockingham County House of Corrections, with all but three days suspended pending her good behavior for two years. For the second simple assault plea, she was given a six-month jail sentence, with all of it suspended pending two years of good behavior. For the aggravated driving while intoxicated conviction, McCarthy was fined $750 and lost her license to drive for 18 months.

She was also court-ordered to write letters of apology to the two arresting troopers and be under the supervision of a probation officer for two years. The suspended jail sentences can be imposed if she is found guilty of the recent probation violation charge.