Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Physician heal thyself

I hate people who cut into lines. I think there oughta be a line cutting law.

But the Doc should've known better than to do what he did.

He should've waited until the guy had gotten out to pump his gas when he came up with the tire iron.

What? I'm just sayin'

Police: Things get ugly at California gas pumps

CYPRESS, Calif. (AP) - Violence broke out at the gas pumps in Orange County. Police say a La Palma doctor waiting in line to buy gas at the Costco warehouse store in Cypress grabbed a tire iron and confronted a motorist who cut into the line.

Sgt. Tom Bruce said the doctor was arrested and booked for investigation of brandishing a deadly weapon in a rude, angry or threatening manner, a misdemeanor.

Witnesses told police the doctor was in line at the pumps Monday evening when another vehicle cut in front of him. When the doctor confronted the motorist with a tire iron, the other driver locked himself in his car and called police.