Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Smile! You're on candid camera

You'd think he would put two plus two together by now.

ie. If it looks too easy its because it is.

Thief caught on camera for third time

A thief has been caught on CCTV stealing a sat nav from an undercover police car for the third time.

James Milsom, 21, was filmed breaking into the covert vehicle, just six weeks after he was released from prison for stealing a sat nav from another unmarked police car.

It was the third time he had been caught in identical operations in just four months.

Footage revealed that it took him just six seconds to smash the window and grab the sat nav from a vehicle in Bristol before escaping in daylight.

But his face was caught on camera as he leant through the window, giving police a clear image of their suspect.

Avon and Somerset police came up with the 'covert capture' vehicles, which contain hidden cameras the size of a pinhead, after a spate of high-value thefts from cars.

Superintendent Ian Wylie said: "Some of the photographs we have got from the cars have been excellent images.

"There is no doubt who the thief is and what they are doing. When faced with such evidence there is no other way to go than 'guilty'."

The cars are now parked around the crime hotspots of Bristol in an attempt to catch the most prolific offenders.

Milsom has been jailed for 14 weeks by Bristol magistrates.