Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Britney does good

Well, I'm glad she is making progress towards sanity and mental health.

Hope all will be good for her children.

Court Orders 'Change' in Britney's Visitation with Sons
By Ken Lee

A Los Angeles court ordered a "change" in Britney Spears's visitation arrangement with her two sons, a court rep said Tuesday after a hearing attended by the pop singer and her ex, Kevin Federline.

The new terms were not revealed, but TMZ.com reports the court determined Spears is ready for overnight visitations. Superior Court spokesman Allan Parachini said the closed-door hearing, in which Spears's parenting coach answered questions from the court, went well for the pop star.

"There was a change in [Spears's] visitation status that was ordered," he said. "Britney's demeanor in court was businesslike. I think any judge is pleased to see progress being made by parties in a case."

Another hearing was set for July 15.