Thursday, June 19, 2008

Energizer Bunny man

I'm not surprised that the robbery was to obtain money to purchase methamphetamine.

A view of the robbery shows a man running and jumping around like he was high on the stuff.

The energizer bunny man.

Man arrested in violent Bulverde robbery
Deborah Knapp: KENS 5 Eyewitness News

Bulverde police say they have the man they believe used a gun and a knife to rough up three women and rob them.

It was a call to Crime Stoppers that led to the arrest of Jerry Clark.
Police are relieved Clark is off the streets because they say he was reckless, committing a violent robbery that could easily have turned deadly.

In the video, the man asks for change, then pulls out a gun. Two women came to the manager's rescue, and all three women were assaulted in the robbery Friday night at the Bulverde Adult Leisure Center on U.S. 281.

Dozens called in with tips based on the video, and on Wednesday, police arrested Clark at a downtown deli in San Antonio.

"He was aware of the video having been released, and in fact, he had even mentioned that he wasn't going to go to work today because he knew his bosses would figure it out, but he went to work," Bulverde police investigator Sgt. Steven Simpson said.

Clark has confessed to the crime. He was picked up by San Antonio Police Department bike patrol at his workplace.

He's now at the Comal County Detention Center, charged with aggravated robbery. Authorities have also questioned a woman they believe was involved and plan to arrest her on the same charge.

They say the motive to the crime was getting money for methamphetamine