Monday, June 16, 2008

You're a real putz!

Putz in Yiddish primarily means a fool or idiot.

Somehow very fitting in this case.

Police: Man Banned From Wal-Mart Tried To Rob Store Again

ZEPHYRHILLS - A man using a wheelchair is accused of trying to steal $200 worth of meat from the Wal-Mart on Gall Boulevard on Friday afternoon, Zephyrhills Police reported.

Terry Anthony Putz, 41, has 27 prior arrests and three convictions for theft and had previously been banned from the Wal-Mart, his arrest report states.

In Friday afternoon's incident, Putz tried to hide numerous steaks in a backpack and then attempted to break away from a female loss prevention officer when she tried to grab his wheelchair as he left the store, the arrest report states.

Putz, of 6740 Dairy Road, remained at the Land O' Lakes Jail on Saturday with bail set at $2,200 on charges of felony retail theft and resisting a merchant, jail records state.