Thursday, June 26, 2008

Impersonating an officer

This can be a potentially dangerous situation.

Use caution.

Phony police officer pulls over a real one

San Antonio police are searching for a man suspected of impersonating a police officer.

Authorities said a man driving a black Ford Crown Victoria with emergency lights embedded in the grille recently pulled over an off-duty San Antonio police officer.

The driver fled after the officer pulled out his badge to identify himself.

Sandy Gutierrez, an SAPD spokeswoman, said police have not heard of any other incidents involving this man, but authorities are urging the public to contact police with any information about him.

“We have a lot of stealth vehicles with decals and SAPD logos,” Gutierrez said. “This vehicle did not have decals or logos.”

Anyone unsure while being pulled over by an unmarked vehicle is urged to stop at a busy area near other people.

“If you feel uncomfortable and are not certain this is a real police officer, motion to the officer that you are aware he's pulling you over but you're going to go to a well-lit or congested area, and he's going to be OK with that,” Gutierrez said.