Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The wheels on the bus goes round, round, round....

He remembered seeing ads advising people to take a bus instead of driving to help save gas and to prevent global warming; which IMHO is happening locally with 100 degree temps and virtually no rain for like 6 + months now.

Man accused of stealing bus after friend's arrest

COLCHESTER, Conn. (AP) - State troopers say an Enfield man was charged with stealing a school bus after telling officers he needed a ride home after a friend's arrest.

Peter Smario is due in Norwich Superior Court on June 19 on charges of larceny, drug possession, criminal trespass and possession of a weapon in a vehicle, police said.

Police said several drivers reported a yellow school bus driving erratically and hitting construction cones on Route 2 in Colchester. The vehicle had been taken from a nearby bus yard.

Police said Smario was carrying heroin, a knife and a large amount of cash when they arrested him during the Thursday night incident. Troopers say the 28-year-old told them his friend had been arrested earlier that evening, leaving him without a ride home.

He was arraigned Friday, and has not yet entered a plea. Information was not immediately available early Tuesday on whether he had an attorney.