Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The naked truth

Nothing like filming your own evidence for police and prosecutors to use against you.

Ya gotta love it.

Two expose selves and videotape it

Two young men in Galesburg, Illinois, were arrested May 31 after videotaping themselves naked in six public locations.

The men, identified as 22-year-old Jacob D. Arnold, of 2324 Lillie Lane; and 19-year-old Khyle A.D. Young, of 288 North Broad Street; were each charged with four counts of public indecency that morning.

Police were called just before 7:00 AM that day to Christopher Drive near Carl Sandburg Drive after two newspaper delivery carriers said they were approached by two naked white males who asked if they needed help delivering their papers. One victim approached the suspect’s SUV and broke a window with his fist. They recorded the registration plate from the suspect’s vehicle.

The naked men fled before police arrived. About 10 minutes later, Arnold and Young switched vehicles and approached the newspaper carriers again. Upset about the broken window, Arnold took a baseball bat and struck the victim’s van with it.

Police found both suspects’ vehicles at 1360 Jefferson Street. Arnold and Young were at the residence and admitted to approaching the victims while naked and videotaping the incidents.

Police reviewed video tape footage which also showed Young and Arnold getting into a taxi cab naked at Steak N Shake, entering the Broadview Restaurant in their birthday suits, approaching an elderly woman in the 1400 block of North West Street while in the buff and hugging an elderly male in the 500 block of Scotch Elm Street while in the nude.

Young told police that he wore a sock on his penis when he walked into the Broadview restaurant with Young.

The pair told police that they had been drinking alcohol and were extremely intoxicated prior to exposing themselves. They did not offer a motive for their streaking streak.