Thursday, April 3, 2008

You find any money in the wreck?

Sounds like the plot of a Coen brothers movie.

You know like "No Country for Old Men"

What is left out of the story is that the drug dealer had a bunch of money from the sale and/or delivery of illegal drugs when he had an accident near Pearsall, Texas, south of San Antonio. The wrecked vehicle was picked up and towed away to be repaired.

When they got the vehicle back and they checked the vehicle the money was gone. So they called in a phony wreck and kidnapped the tow truck driver when he showed up. The rest is what you see below.

BTW that is what $205 million buckeroos looks like gotten in a drug seizure. Move over Uncle Scrooge McDuck I'm diving in.

Five men indicted on kidnapping charges

Federal prosecutors announced Wednesday that a grand jury has indicted five men on kidnapping conspiracy charges related to a January incident involving cross-border drug trafficking and torture.

Charged in the indictment, and each facing life in prison if convicted, were Crystal City residents Heriberto Macias Diaz, David Perez and William Davalos, and San Antonio residents Leroy Guerra Garcia and Mark Anthony Jiminez.

The men are accused of conspiring to kidnap a Pearsall tow truck driver and taking him to Piedras Negras, where he was tortured and threatened with death, all to find the location of missing drug money, according to federal prosecutors.