Monday, April 7, 2008

Happy Monday Morning!

More good stories from This is True.

A Real Dope:

Emergency operators in Peterborough, Ont., Canada,
received a 3:00 a.m. 911 call from a man asking if they would give him
a wake-up call in the morning. No, they replied; 911 is for emergency
calls only. Minutes later he called the police non-emergency line to
repeat his request. By then, dispatchers had checked his name in their
computers, and found Donald Archie Baker, 51, had an outstanding
warrant for his arrest on theft charges. Officers responded to his home
and arrested him. (Peterborough Examiner) ...And no doubt ensured he
was up in time for his court appearance.


Afraid that her court-ordered urine test would show drug use, Krystal Evans, 26, and a friend
allegedly flagged down a courier van in rural Del Norte County, Calif.,
and tried to steal the lab sample back. When the driver moved to call
police, the women fled empty-handed.

County District Attorney Mike Riese said the robbery attempt, and an alleged attempted burglary of the probation department before the courier picked up the tests, was
"somewhat inept." The urine test Evans allegedly tried to steal came
back negative, but a test immediately after her arrest showed
methamphetamine use.

She was imprisoned for three years for probation
violation. Her friend, who was also on probation, also faces charges in
the case. (Eureka Times-Standard)