Monday, April 14, 2008

Today's word, boys and girls is chutzpah

You gotta admit this but Rudy Gonzales has got chutzpah. Chutzpah is a Yiddish term which roughly translated means gall or nerve. The following story best explains Chutzpah.

A man is before a Judge being sentenced for the murder of his parents. He is then asked if wants to say anything before his sentence is pronounced by the Court. He replies, "Judge, please have mercy on me because I am an orphan.

Ken Rodriguez: Troubled assistant chief has knack for finding more and more of it
San Antonio Express-News

Rudy Gonzales, I hear, played a little basketball in high school.
Judging by recent events, he's still got game.

I don't know if the assistant police chief can drive and dish or knock down a three. But he made some jaw-dropping moves at the NCAA Final Four.

Officers say Rudy used his influence to secure seats for himself and some friends at the Alamodome on April 5. Not just any seats, mind you. Seats reserved for CBS. Seats that were worth more than $1,000 each, one officer says.

True or not, Rudy triggered an Internal Affairs investigation when he already was under review by SAPD and the feds.

For a cop on administrative leave, Rudy sure knows how to keep investigators hopping.
Have badge, will find trouble.
That's Rudy.

For those keeping score at home, the feds are scrutinizing Rudy's relationship with an accused drug dealer; Internal Affairs is reviewing his relationship with a prostitute; and IA is checking how Rudy got into a sold-out ballgame.

At this rate, investigative units may have to open a Rudy Gonzales Wing. Complaints on the guy go back at least to 2001, and the case file is growing by the day.

Now just when you think you've heard everything, Rudy fires a letter to the police chief asking to be reinstated and demanding an apology.

Apparently, Rudy sent copies to city leaders. One person who read the missive says, "He feels the chief did him an injustice."

Evidently, Rudy's not crazy about paid vacation. He can't go to the office, but gets to collect his paycheck, entertain out-of-town friends and take them to the Final Four. Tough gig.
According to several officers, Deputy Chief Mike Burns ordered police at the Final Four to let Rudy and friends into the Alamodome.

At Burns' direction, Vice Lt. Mike Gorhum led Rudy's entourage to empty seats.
Neither Burns nor Gorhum could be reached for comment. But officers say SAPD's chain of command made Rudy's entry possible.

Gorhum takes orders from Burns. Burns takes direction from Rudy.

Ranking officers on administrative leave still can issue orders, an SAPD spokesman explains. But they can't use their position to request special privileges.

I'm told Lt. Gorhum and another officer will appear before Internal Affairs today to explain what happened.

Gorhum, I'm also told, is livid. He's telling officers he didn't want to escort Rudy and Co. to those seats — but felt he had no choice. Deputy chief's orders.

Did Rudy order Burns to get him into the game?

Rudy couldn't be reached for comment. But this much is clear: He's under investigation for the strangest trifecta in Internal Affairs history — consorting with a prostitute; meeting her through an accused cocaine trafficker; and getting free seats to a high-priced basketball game.

Melodrama at SAPD has turned from slime to surreal. As details of Rudy's latest misadventure spilled, word leaked that a SWAT officer was arrested in Austin on a DWI charge.
SAPD confirmed Friday that Willie Cantu had been placed on administrative duty. That's not to be confused with administrative leave.

Willie gets to go to the office. Rudy gets to go to the Final Four.

Willie gets desk duty. Rudy gets to party.

Willie gets a brief mention in this column. Rudy gets to make headlines.

Willie, I'm pretty sure, will not write a letter to the chief and demand an apology.

Rudy, on the other hand, will sit back and wait for the boss to say, "I'm sorry."

The chief, I suspect, will be sorry — if he doesn't force Rudy to retire.