Thursday, April 17, 2008

You Tube Divorce

Not a good idea.

Here it is for you to watch:

Woman's Divorce-By-YouTube Is 'Scary New Step'
Woman Makes Claims About Intimate Life, Family

NEW YORK -- A New York woman involved in a divorce battle spilled secrets about her husband, his family and their intimate life in a "scary, new step" in user generated content, attorneys said.

Tricia Walsh-Smith can be watched on YouTube lashing out at her husband, Broadway executive Philip Smith, in a teary and furious clip that has been viewed more than 150,000 times.

Local 6 reported that lawyers can't think of another case like Smith's and are calling it a "scary, new step."

During the video, Walsh-Smith goes through their wedding album on camera, accuses her husband of trying to evict her out of their apartment, and even makes embarrassing claims about their intimate life.

Her lawyer said she acted out of passion and is a "victim who is holding her head up," though he wasn't representing her when she made the video.

Her husband's lawyers say they're "kind of appalled."

Other divorce experts said the video will likely come back to haunt her. They said the clip probably won't help her in front of a judge.