Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Crash and Burn

I would think there will be a settlement in this rather than a trial. No one benefits from the trial really.

IMHO of course.

Fired KSAT reporter files sex discrimination suit
Jeanne Jakle: Express-News

Former TV reporter Gina Galaviz has filed a $1.2 million sex discrimination lawsuit against KSAT in federal court.

The station fired the veteran police reporter last year shortly after she was charged with assault following a fight with her boyfriend — now her fiance — Ronald Aguillen.

Her lawsuit, filed Friday, alleges that a male reporter facing similar charges in 2003 was not fired. Galaviz "was treated less favorably than similarly situated members of the opposing class," the lawsuit states.

It seeks damages for back pay, loss of earning capacity and emotional pain, as well as exemplary damages.

Attempts to contact a spokesperson for KSAT on Tuesday were unsuccessful.

Galaviz, 44, said Tuesday that her dismissal was in no way "based on job performance." KSAT had signed her to a new three-year contract five months before she was fired in August.

She said she had been led to believe KSAT would stand by her. Instead, she added, a short time later management informed her that "in light of recent events" her contract would be terminated.

The 2003 case cited in the lawsuit involved KSAT reporter Maury Vasquez, who was charged with domestic violence. Those charges were dismissed about nine months later after he attended anger- and domestic violence-prevention classes.

Vasquez, who now works for the Somerset Independent School District, declined to comment on Galaviz's lawsuit except to say his case was marked by "different circumstances."

He said he was taken off the air temporarily when charges were filed against him but was returned to his reporting duties when the station was informed his case would be dismissed. KSAT did not renew Vasquez's contract when it expired in 2004.

He said he respects Galaviz's work as a journalist and considers her a friend.

Galaviz's assault case is still pending, awaiting a trial date, said her attorney, Alfred Ramirez.

Galaviz said she's currently unemployed, though she has done some freelance work.

San Antonio attorney Malinda Gaul, who specializes in employment law, said Galaviz will have to show that "actions were taken because of her gender" and that a man in a "very close, almost identical" situation was treated better than her.

Ramirez, Galaviz's attorney, said KSAT has yet to respond to the lawsuit.