Sunday, April 27, 2008

Do not Enter

Great security!

Bet he didn't stop and ask for directions either.

MIA Security Breach: Man Drives Car On Runway

MIAMI (CBS4) ― Airport security is no joke these days which is why Miami-Dade police took an elderly man into custody after he drove his car onto a runway at Miami International Airport on Friday morning.

According to police, a 73-year old man driving a 4-door black Chevy Cobalt, drove through the main service gate at the southeast end of the airport shortly after 8:30 a.m.

The man crashed right through the entry-arm gate, which was in the down position, and raced onto airport property and onto runway 9. "He was going at a high rate of speed we alerted our units as soon as possible and they began chase," explained MIA Security Chief Ricardo Fernandez.

The elderly driver actually drove for more than a mile on the runway before Miami-Dade police were able to take him into custody. A security guard stationed at the service gate, along with security from the FAA tower, called police immediately after the man smashed through the gate and began driving on the runway.

"He was under surveillance from the tower at all times and security units were alerted immediately, as well as police, and he was apprehended along the runway," said Fernandez. The identity of the elderly driver has not been released.

The man is currently being detained and questioned and charges are pending. The runway was closed for a short time but has since reopened and the incident did not affect other airport traffic.