Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tieing up all the loose ends

Sorry I can't make it I'm all tied up today.

Cops make surprise find following call

Restrained man is found in bare essentials. This is one way you don't want anyone to find you: In an abandoned building bound with pantyhose and gagged, wearing women's intimate clothing and with a foam ball in your mouth.But that happened Saturday at 1 a.m. in Key West when police responded to a call of a “suspicious incident” at an abandoned Staples Avenue house from a nearby resident.

A report says that upon arrival, police found the 32-year-old man tied to a chair. They untied the panty hose around his head that was being used to keep the foam ball firmly in his mouth, and his hands and legs were unrestrained by rescue personnel.

Once the man, who a report says was “falsely imprisoned,” was able to talk, he said he wasn't hurt.Police say he told them he met a man in his mid-40s earlier in the evening outside the Bull and Whistle bar on Duval Street who asked him if he wanted to “fool around.” He consented, according to a police report.

The pair went to the abandoned building and “engaged in sexual acts on top of a blanket.” But the suspect started telling the victim to do things he didn't want, police reported. The victim didn't provide police details.

The man who did the tying up, reportedly against the victim's will, left. Police found the bound man half an hour later.They indicate they found a sex toy, a Kleenex with lipstick, stockings, a bra, two tennis balls, black shoes, Duracell batteries and a black flashlight at the scene.