Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I need a gas fix!

You know gas prices are too high when the bad guys are robbing people for gas money instead of drug money.

Police: Tourist Robbed For Gas Money

ORLANDO, Fla. -- An Orlando tourist was robbed at gunpoint early Monday by several men who said they committed the crime for gas money, according to police.

Police said a tourist was surprised and robbed outside a Days Inn located on International Drive near Kirkman Road early Monday.

The culprits took the man's wallet and jumped into a sport utility vehicle and tried to flee the area.

However, the SUV broke down and the men were forced to flee on foot.
Officers eventually spotted the men and took them into custody.

During questioning, the men told police they robbed the victim because they needed gas money, Local 6's J.R. Stone said.

"(Robbing) for gas money?" Tourist Brandon Joyner said. "I mean that is pretty bad."

"Being off International Drive, you would think people wouldn't be getting robbed around here but it is Orlando," tourist Jason Snow said.

Officers found a gun apparently used in the crime near the vehicle and some of the victim's possessions.

The men face several charges in connection with the crime.