Monday, March 10, 2008

May I take a Mulligan?

Wow, who woulda thought?

The Reverend Al Sharpton and I agree on something. That the rules shouldn't change in the middle of this extended horserace called the Democratic Primary.

Do you think for one minute that if Hillary was ahead and in the same situation as Obama and he was the one calling for the delegates to be seated she'd agree? If you think that I have a Bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you.

Lawsuit Eyed by Sharpton Over Florida
Seen as Maneuvering To Aid Obama's Campaign

Laying the groundwork for a court battle that could divide the Democratic Party, the Reverend Al Sharpton is threatening to sue the Democratic National Committee if it counts Florida's primary results in the official presidential delegates tally.

Rev. Sharpton is traveling to Florida today to compile lists of residents who skipped the January contest because they thought their votes would not count. He plans to have those residents sign affidavits saying they would be disenfranchised by the seating of the Florida delegation, in the event the Democratic Party allowed that to happen.

The party had promised to exclude Florida and Michigan from the nomination process after the states scheduled their primaries in January, earlier than party rules had allowed, but the close contest between senators Clinton and Obama has turned attention toward those primaries, prompting debate between the campaigns and party leaders over how to handle the lockout.
Mrs. Clinton's campaign has said it wants the Florida and Michigan primaries to count, while Mr. Obama's campaign has said it will support the Democratic National Committee's rules.

Mrs. Clinton won the Michigan and Florida primaries. Mr. Obama removed his name from the ballot in Michigan prior to the primary.

Rev. Sharpton has not endorsed a presidential candidate, but his efforts in Florida are widely viewed as benefiting Mr. Obama, who has won more delegates overall than Mrs. Clinton.