Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I see dead people

ARISE! ARISE! All ye dead and vote for me!

Sorry, I saw the photo and couldn't resist.

Clinton stumping for the votes of the dead?

Nearest Cemetery, Any State (AP)

The Clinton campaign does not deny reports that she is out stumping for the votes of the dear and recently departed.

"She always pays visits to cemeteries and waves dead chickens about and speaks in tongues" one unnamed source who works in her campaign said. "She has done this ever since canvassing for votes in South Texas for McGovern in the 1970's."

The source went on to say "This is a vital and often over-looked demographic and one which is important to the Democratic party."

Claiming that Obama lacked the experience to be the Commander in Chief from Day one. The source says that polling the dead voters indicate that they react to the question as to whether Obama can be ready from day one with overwhelming silence.

"This shows that they agree with Hillary that he does not meet the criteria to lead this country from day one" the source continued. "Furthermore, we believe that the dead can relate to her campaign and her hopes to become President."