Thursday, March 27, 2008

Go back to driver's ed

It always seems that these guys get caught because they don't use a turn signal or a brake light doesn't work or what have you. Good for us, bad for them.

$145,000 worth of pot seized; minivan driver arrested
Michelle Mondo: Express-News

San Antonio police confiscated 385 pounds of marijuana during a traffic stop Wednesday, and they said it was being transported through the city with Austin as a possible destination.
Officers said the marijuana has a street value of about $145,000.

Tactical Response Unit Lt. Joe Salvaggio said unit officers arrested an Austin resident in his late 30s who was driving the minivan transporting the drugs. The stop was made at Interstate 35 and Fisher Road, Salvaggio said.

Officials said the man was arrested without incident but that he was not forthcoming with details. Because of the amount of drugs, police said, he likely is part of a larger organization.
Salvaggio touted training on highway drug interdiction that officers received about two months ago from the Department of Public Safety. He said 60 officers, two from TRU, were trained in identifying certain "red flags" involved in transporting drugs.

He said he could not go into detail about the specifics that led the officers to become suspicious of the man but added that "this person to a layman would not have stuck out."

Officers stopped him for minor traffic offenses, including not using his turn signal.

This is the first drug bust TRU has made as a direct result of the DPS training, Salvaggio said.
The arrested man faces felony drug charges, Salvaggio said, but his name could not be released until he was officially charged.